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Server hacks cost you a lot of money

Websites and servers fall prey to hacker attempts every 30 minutes, and an average server is hit by 1,300 attacks every single day. Without protection, malware infections, data loss, phishing sites and CMS hacks take the control over your servers.

BitNinja is built to secure servers 0-24

BitNinja helps you to build a successful business by taking 100% responsibility to keep your Linux server clean.

Being a layered security system, BitNinja blocks server attacks at any threat level automatically, allowing you to protect your websites from unforeseen security issues and put your attention back on business. 

Achieve system stability and reduce server load by setting up this pro-active defense shield in 5 mins and fix your IP reputation for good.

How it works

BitNinja is a multi-layered security system to block server attacks, like WordPress hacks, password cracking, malware infections, forum spams, SQL injections, data theft, DoS and other botnet attacks. BitNinja makes your security faster and smarter by combining the most powerful security technologies in one lightweight software: Web Application Firewall, IP Reputation, Anti-Malware, Honeypots, LogAnalysis, DoS Mitigation and more.

$15.99 or R260 per month contact [email protected] for more information and possible bulk discount per server…